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“Korean Grocery Store in Amsterdam area, the Netherlands”

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  • started 4 years ago by Imre
  1. Hi all, within a few weeks I am moving from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. I am wondering if anybody knows good Korean grocery stores in the Amsterdam area.
    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. I am sure that Reinier will be able to help you.

  3. Hi,
    try shilla, the store in brussels area is pretty good and they have a store in Amsterdam:

  4. Most korean grocery stores around Amsterdam are in Amsterdam/Amstelveen area

    As mentioned there's
    Groot Gelderlandplein 32-34
    Japanese and Korean, pretty pricy at times I prefer the other shops, but Shilla has a lot of stuff the smaller ones don't have.

    Toko Kaya
    Karel Doormanweg 6
    Very small, but most of the basics, there's also a small restaurant attached.

    Mom in the Kitchen
    Kostverlorenhof 18
    1183 HE Amstelveen
    Bit larger then Kaya, also the option to have lunch on the upper floor. owners don't speak dutch, so either use korean or english

  5. Hi Imre,


    You can find a listing and reviews of shops (toko's) in Amsterdam, also some Korean.

    Good luck!

  6. Wow guys,

    Thanks for your posts with great addresses!
    At the moment I am still living in the Rotterdam area and I am visiting the Korean store at the KTDC which is great.
    Happy to see that there are also great stores in the Amsterdam area.

    En @Reinier, wat een superfoto's van door jou klaargemaakte gerechten. ;)

    Bye bye Imre

  7. Thanks fellow Rotterdammer, i love making Maangchi's recipies!!
    Good luck moving to A'dam.

  8. Hi!!

    i currently live in rotterdam. can i know the address of any korean grocery stores in rotterdam or den haag?? :)

    thanks so much!!

  9. Rotterdam? Me 2!
    Here are the addresses for korean groceries in Rotterdam:

    Pannekoekstraat 99a (near the main market square)

    Inter Burgo:
    Vareseweg 1 (spaanse polder industrial estate)
    (a picture because the entrance is hidden)

    By the way, next door to Kazagaruma is a great korean eatery, it's called Gamasot and highly recommendable!

    Good luck!

  10. haha you're very active again Reinier! LOL

    Yes go to the Gamasot, wich means cooking pot (correct me if I'm wrong) That;s the only real orginal koreanfood restaurant in Rotterdam, all the other places are rubbish, which has nothing to do this the Korean kitchen....

  11. Toko Kaya in the Karel Doormanweg 6 in Amstelveen is no longer a Korean grocery shop. The restaurant next door is still a Korean restaurant, but there's an Indian grocery shop next door now.

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