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“Korean Rice Cake”

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  • started 3 years ago by tnguy137
  1. Hi, Maangchi. Two years ago, I tried one kind of Korean rice cake, but I haven't known its name until now. It is white, blended with whole black beans, and lightly sweet. The top surface is cover by a layer of grounded sweet bean, or something similar. I remember that layer's color is chocolate or brown. Could you tell me its name and how to do it? Thank you very much :)

  2. is it this?

    if it is then its called 팥떡 (pat dduk). Its red been on top and bottom.

  3. I used to buy 팥떡 (pat dduk) all the time at a Korean Market(made fresh by them) and want to learn how to make it now from Maangchi. Samyoowell's kind on the link. I LOVE THOSE THINGS! :)

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