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    They have the Korean Waffles on the streets (and marketplaces) in Korea, it has 3 types of frosting, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. It has some apple syrup, and the waffles. It is one my favorite street foods in Korea. (I am remembering from last year..)


    I meant how do you make it? I don’t know how.


    I really don’t know if it is APPLE syrup… But I really want to know the recipe!!!!



    That sounds yummy! Unfortunately, I also don’t know to prepare that. Let’s just hope someone will post the recipe here.



    So as far as I know, the most basic type of Korean waffle is this:

    On a freshly made waffle, place whipped cream and some apple flavored syrup (your best bet is some apple jam in the states) on it. Fold it in half, with the syrup and whipped cream on the inside and serve.

    Koreans also like to put soft ice cream on their waffles – just chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry – which is also good. :P


    Thanks! =D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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