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“Kunjip Restaurant - NYC”

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  1. Kunjip Restaurant
    9W 32 St
    New York, NY

    My husband, 5 year old and myself found this little place by chance while in NYC. We loved it! My husband (who is Korean and I am not) is NOT that adventurous - so unfortunately I didn't get to try some of the things I wanted to. He tends to stick to bulgogi & jap chae ..... I wanted to try the tongue - but no luck! The banchans were yummy.

    I couldn't get enough of the ojinguh che (오징어채 볶음). I ate it like candy - and asked for a second dish!

    I've since made it at home .... although I didn't quite get it the way the restaurant did - it was still yummy! (I'll see if I can attach a photo of mine)

    Anyone else tried this place - Kunjip Restaurant in NYC?




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