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“Learning to cook korean food”

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  • started 3 years ago by vidi
  1. Hello! 안영하세요!

    I want to learn who to cook korean food. My boyfriend is korean and I want to surprise him and his family, specially his mother. Basically because Im from the Canary Islands, Spain, and I cant help going every day to a korean restaurant.I really wanna do it myself.
    Ive been watching most of the videos but I dont know how to combine each dish. for example, if I cook 만두, what other dishes should I cook?
    because in the korean restaurants here, if you order 불고기, you eat it with a salad, a bowl of rice and 반찬.

    아주 촣아예요.

  2. I can't read Korean and Google is not translating 만두 correctly so I am not sure what it is.

    Unless your cooking for a King don't worry a lot about what goes with each dish.

    First you need kimchi. (made ahead of time)

    You would also need two or more side dishes (made ahead of time)

    This would make a great Appetizer. (mixed up and ready to go)

    You need a soup or stew It winter and you can get good fish so something like this (made shortly before they arive)

    This would make a nice meat dish but you would not have to serve this (you can make ahead of time)

    This is good reading "Table Rules" will help you set a table.

  3. there are no rules with say what banchan to combine with what food. of course, you have to make some condiments for mandu or pajeon, but evey dish stands for themselves. just make everything you like or your boyfriend and his mother and they will eat it.
    korean boyfriends will eat anything their girlfriends put in front of them.
    korean boyfriends mothers are different but thats another story...

  4. I think u have a lot of possibilities how to combine dishes especially Korean food. I always do this way, first appetizers then main dish, main dish is always soup or stew. This is if I cook something Asian.

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