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“Leek Kimchi”

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  • started 5 years ago by chosen1978
  1. Hey there, I love your Website and enjoy reading and trying your recipes. I live in a multicultural community with a large percentage of Koreans. I like to surprise them with making Korean food. One of my friends who has left made Leek kimchi which i really loved. Do you have a recipe for this or would i make it similar to cabbage kimchi. Thank you for your awesome website and for sharing with us.
    Regards, Chosen

  2. Please post the photo of leek kimchi if you can.

    It may be either green onions or asian chives (buchu) because I have never heard about leek kimchi.

    The recipe for green onion or chive kimchi is a little different from the one for cabbage kimchi. I usually use less hot pepper flakes. The detailed recipe is going to be posted someday in the future. Green onion kimchi is called "pa kimchi" and Chive kimchi is called "buchu kimchi".

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