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“living in denmark where to buy korean ingredients?”

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  • started 4 years ago by Ikoma
  1. hello. i live in denmark and iv been lokking for a place to buy korean ingredients especialy like the "hot pepper flakes" as it seems no one sells it where i live... so if anyone knows of a website that ships to denmark or "scandinavia" id be really happy to know. it really would help me out alot since alot of the recipes from this site i cant make without : ( so please help me out! : )


    This seems to be a great online site and they do ship to Denmark. They also have an english page so you don't have to speak German or Korean.

  3. Their site also seems to be optimized for IE and not Firefox or other browsers. You could use IETab or use IE instead for this site.

  4. Rv65 thanks alot mate! i didnt even find this site after all my searching. now my great great korean food are has begun !

    again thanks : )

  5. great site.. and prices are good too... at least compared to where i live...

  6. Thank you very much rv65!
    I love this website, the price looks reasonable!

  7. I purchased Korean ingredients a few times in the past with Asiakauf and their service was perfect. But the last two shipments were not ok. Twice one item was missing, but they still charged the full amount. Now I use: . They are located in Germany as well.

  8. Kurt are you danish by any chance ?

  9. No from Belgium!

  10. okay : ) is there a way to veiw the website in english ? i cant read korean so that would be really helpful : ) thanks again

  11. Oops I overlooked that, no English section. In that case you'd better use indeed. Maybe you can try first by ordering a few things to see how their service is nowadays.
    There is also a shop in Holland : but this one is only in dutch. I don't know ow close Danish is to Dutch? Just have a look I guess!
    Good luck.

  12. okayt ill try it out thanks alot : )

  13. hej, ikoma!

    i also live in denmark. in copenhagen there are 3 main shops i get my korean ingredients from, but the red pepper flakes are around 50kr... usually i wait until i visit california and then i buy 3 or 4 packs. ^^;

  14. I also had a problem last time with asiakauf. One month after I placed my order and paid by bank transfer, I called them to ask why my order was always 'in preparation'.
    It took two more days to finally find out that my payment had arrived. They sent me an e-mail apologizing for the inconvenience and saying that they'd put a small present for me. In fact they added to my items a package of Lotte 'Pepero' (sticks with chocolate). Another thing is that sometimes I can't find the expiry date on their packings. Anyone else with the same experience?

  15. Hi,

    I have just moved to arhus and i am looking for the hot pepper flakes.

    I can get the hot pepper paste from a asia grocery store here but cant seem to find the flakes.

    Please help.


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