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  1. Sorry I missed out. Ashley I tried calling you. Did your number change?

    I wasn't feeling well. I went and looked for a few moments and then went and got stuff to make soup (galbi tang!).

    I'm not a huge fan of AYCE, but that's probably because I have a regular place I go to and the price is about the same as getting AYCE. That being said, I've never been to Oo-kook, so if I'm free, I'll go.

    AND, I love "Let's Eat"! Doojoon from B2ST is in it and that's why I started watching. It's so good. Makes me so hungry. I had to get kalguksu at like 1am after watching the show once.

  2. Hi Cheryl ,
    I'm sorry you missed it too. We all kept a lookout for you. KTP has poor cell phone reception. I actually received a text from George towards the end of our meetup! lol!!

    I hope your Galbi tang took care of your cold! Stay healthy!

    I hope you can make it to our next meet -up Cheryl!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Korean New Year Everyone!

  4. Hi all and Ashley!
    I hope we can make the next meet up. Maybe to bring along my son Kieran too.

    I watch a lot of kdramas now that I signed up with dramafever. My last one was Gourmet, which I LOVED how it was so much about food. I am going to look into the one you mentioned today!

    I made my first Dakgalbi last friday and I am already looking forward to making this all over again! I just want to get a better pan, with a lid like Maangchi's. Is there somewhere to buy this in Koreatown? Greenland Market in the valley didn't have anything like it.

    Cheers all!

  5. I too made Maangchi's dakgalbi the other day and my family loved it! I mixed in rice with the leftover sauce to make a delicious fried rice, which was an even bigger hit. It reminded us so much of "Yoo-ga-nae," a popular dakgalbi restaurant in Korea.

    There is a restaurant supply store in the basement of the Galleria market that is open to the public!
    I usually get my Korean restaurant-style cookware from that store. They also have a wholesale market that supplies to local restaurants--maybe we can share a ten pound bag of red pepper flakes!

    Have a great weekend with your son, Danielle! I hope to meet both of you at our next meet-up.

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