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“Maangchi in Globe & Mail”

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  • started 4 years ago by Maangchi

    Chirpy? Haha yeah I guess so. Also, I didn't know you had more subscribers than Martha Stewart!

    Great article!

  2. Nice article, Maangchi's popularity is well deserved, but to reveal the age of a lady.......

  3. Maangchi, you are getting more and more famous - congratulations!

    No, you are definitely not "chirpy" - and as far as your age - you are young at heart and in style, that's what matters!

  4. Well, chirpy in a good way, like a happy bird?

  5. hehe, thank you very much! Were you guys surprised at my age?

    The reporter asked, "how old are you?"
    I paused one second and said, "do I have to tell you?
    And 0.3 sec after, I said, "I was born in 1957!" I thought myself,"who cares? age is only number! My mind is like a teen ager!"

    Anyway revealing my age is not the first time officially. You guys could not read the news paper written in Korean. But the number is there.

    When I was interviewed by the Korean reporter, she said, "don't tell anyone your age, wow you look very younger!" I told her, "don't worry much! Nobody else had asked my age except for you!"

    I like who I am, and I never wish I could be a younger person.

  6. You are my husband's age - I'm behind you 2 years and noone believes I just turned 50 either. I'm proud too! 50 years of experience and wisdom. Now if I could just cook better!

  7. Yes i was surprised, you don't look it at all!

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