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“maangchi's new book #3”

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  1. Hi Maangchi,
    I saw that you published your third book.
    I ordered all three from amazon.
    Thank you for opening the world of Korean cuisine to me!! Love it!
    Fr. Dave

  2. I love your recipes and am purchasing books 1& 2 now !!!
    Thank you for all the awesome full and happy bellies you have helped create! ( burrrp ;)

  3. Hi, Maangchi!

    I would love to be chosen as one of the Lucky 7:)
    I'm a big fan of yours, and always enjoy watching your videos.
    Thank you so much for your hard work and passion to share Korean recipes, culture and your trips to gorgeous places w/ us.
    I've made many Korean dishes for my family and friends, using your recipes. They are always a hit!!
    Please keep up your great work.
    You are my true inspiration!!
    (I'm not sure if you remember exchanging messages with me about the last meet-up event in LA. On that particular day, I couldn't make it because I had to meet a counselor for my Culinary Arts Program in San Diego. Now, I'm in the program and getting a training to be a professional chef!! I just wanted to share the news with you:D)

    Please take care.

  4. Congrats on the third book. Love all of your stuff!

  5. How can I not take part in this chance to win book number tree, which is my favorite number about my favorite book. Maangchi I so much appreciate you showing us how to reconnect to lost parts yearning for korean food=love.


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  6. The download link for book 3 doesn't work. -__-

  7. It works.
    The book is a large file, so maybe it takes a long time for your computer to load. Maybe download the file by right clicking the link. When you right-click, choose save or save as..
    Cheers! : )

  8. Iam logg in maangchi blogg.And i´am from swedin.Make kimchi.

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