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    Hey all.

    I’ve got a friend in Texas (I’m in MN) and I’d love to send her some of my homemade kimchi. I’ve got a jar all ready, but is this possible?

    Thank you for all advice in advance!



    I do know that some companies will mail kimchi. But I have not tried it, but this is what I would do.

    First: no glass, use a plastic or an acrilic container with a very strong seal that will not leak. One of the hard plastic type kimchi containers from the korean market.

    Second: find a source for dry ice.

    Third: find which company will let you ship dry ice and what are the rules, paperwork ect.

    Forth: pack it in some kind of insulated container likie a small hard ice chest. Tape it closed.

    Fith: ship it overnight.

    They should get it in good condition but it will be expensive.


    I did think of another point. Do you have a vaccum sealer? You could seal it up good in a vaccum sealed bad and overnight it.



    Thanks for your reply! I think I might just mail her some hot pepper flakes and a recipe instead, lol.




    I’m not sure about how this would be done if you HAD decided to do it. But all I’m sure of is that you should wait until it has fermented because I remember in my younger days when my mother made kimchi, she told me something about how “gases” get released during fermentation and if you shipped it in an air-tight/vacuum sealed bag it would spell disaster!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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