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    A few weeks ago my friend’s mom gave me some doenjang her cousin in Korea had made from scratch. I made ssamjang from it and ate it with steak and it was seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten! Her cousin is coming back in January and is going to teach me how to make it. They told me that you can start with soybeans that have already been made into bricks, but I want to eventually grow my own soybeans to make doenjang from. Is there a specific type of soybean that is better for making doenjang? Can you use the same type as edamame but just dry them first? Should I plant any other particular plants in my yard to improve the flavor, or does that not matter? I saw an episode of Dae Jang Geum where the doenjang tasted off because they had cut down a pine that grew near the place where the doenjang was stored and the pine pollen wasn’t falling into the doenjang anymore. Please tell me of your doenjang lore!



    From meju blocks its not that hard.

    Making Korean fermented soy sauce 조선간장 and doenjang 된장

    For edamame the soybeans are harvest green. For making doenjang they are harvest dry. They go from green to brown and when the moister goes low they get harvested. No special beans needed unless you want to go organic non GMO etc. The hardest part is properly fermenting the meju. You have to keep out the bad bacteria while letting the good bacteria thrive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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