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    Hi there! I've been dying to find a recipe for traditional Makkoli! I've seen that you've made it a few times for meet ups and in your recent posting in your Gapshida blog you mentioned that you had made them in the traditional earthen ware pots. Would you mind posting a makkoli recipe soon? Thanks!!!!

    -Lots of love from NYU!



    Yes, I would like to learn this recipe very much. I live in Brooklyn, New York. There are not many Koreans live here, therefore to find a Korean Market is pretty hard. I have a friend who lives in Flushing , Queens. Usually, when I visit her, I also go to the Korean Market to buy 4 or 6 bottles back home. However, to take 3 hours subway to buy the Mokkoli, that’s a long journey. So I really want to learn this recipe.



    I enjoyed makkoli very much when I visited Jeonju city last winter. So, I’d love to know if maangchi could teach us how to make homemade makkoli, cos the one in totally different from convenience store ^~^



    I’ve collected a number of English-language makgeolli recipes and am about to embark on making my own. Supposedly it is quite easy. The ingredients are few and can all be found at H-Mart: glutinous/sweet rice, nuruk (it is labeled as “powdered enzyme amylase” and sold near the Korean flours and powdered beans), sweetener (optional) and yeast (optional). The Korea Times has a nice article on makgeolli making with a detailed recipe:



    Check out my makgeolli recipe here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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