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“Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice”

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  • started 1 year ago by chertique
  1. Hi there,
    I just came back home to Canada after spending a year in Korea. My boyfriend and another friend who visited Korea fell in LOVE with one Korean dish that is very popular with Korean university students. It’s called Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice. You can look on their official site to get the idea.

    We simply call it “Cheesy rice” because the added mozarella is the best part.

    Anyway, I really want to make it. I’m thinking of making or buying the Dak Galbi sauce for the chicken, then frying it with chicken, rice, a few green onions, a little bit of seaweed. What do you think? Thank you!

  2. Here's a picture from the restaurant. :)


    1. DSC03864.JPG (3776 KB, 409 downloads) 1 year old
  3. My dakgalbi recipe was posted today:
    You can add some cheese if you want.

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