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    Annyeong-hasaeyo everyone,

    great to be on this forum of Korean food lovers!

    I was wondering if anyone could please point me in the right direction of putting together a proper Korean meal, especially in terms of what recipe goes well with what banchan and what other recipes so as to plan a meal that “makes sense”, if that makes sense ;)

    With so many banchan and recipes and my very limited experience of Korean food I’m finding it hard to figure out, and am curious to know how Korean people would match their food on the table.

    Thanks for your help!




    I’m not very good at banchan planning either. My family always just made what they were wanting/craving. I pretty much can eat whatever banchan with whatever main dish and soup. With that being said, I do know that we Koreans are all about balance. Meaning, have sweet banchan as well as a salty. Spicy and non spicy….also balance your colors….green, red, yellow, brown/black, etc….hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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