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“Mild Gochujang?”

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  1. Hi!
    I went to the Korean grocery store a few days ago and bought some gochujang. I just made some bibim guksu and it tastes a lot spicier than it did with my last container of gochujang.
    I don't know any Korean so I just kind of guess when I buy things lol. Are there different levels of spicy for gochujang?
    I took a picture of the one I bought. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could look at it and tell me if I bought a spicier one (if that is possible). If i did, what should I look for on the container to mark it as mild for next time? Thank you =)

  2. I dont think ive ever seen anything on gochujang (or gochugaru for that matter) that would indicate how hot it is. It seems to me that somebrands are hotter than others, one time i bought the wang brand in the glass jar and it want very hot, but this time i bought the assi brand in the plastic container and its really hot, i would suggest finding a brand you like.. good luck!

  3. Thank you. I just remembered I didn't put honey in this time,, maybe that made the difference?

  4. Look at the ingredient list the earlier pepper shows up the hotter it will be. I bought one that pepper was first and it was extreamly hot.

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  6. @anything,

    The answer is yes. I have bought kochujang that comes in various degrees of heat. If you look at the pictures below you can see at first the two containers appear to be the same. But in the pictures below that, you can clearly see that they are two different levels of heat. Notice that one container, in the bottom lefthand corner, has a number "3" and underneath it says "Moderate" and indicates that (what I'm assuming is) the red pepper amount is 60-100 ppm (parts per million). The second container has a number "4" and it says "Very Hot" and the ppm is 100-130. I don't know if all brands come in various strengths like this. The one pictured is the brand I use and recommend, Sunchang, I believe Maangchi also recommends this brand as well. I definitely like the hot one! Hope this helps!

    ryan :)


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