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“Moldy kimchi - HELP!”

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  • started 4 months ago by sdmarciano
  1. Hi everyone! My wife and I have been making kimchi with the recipes from Maangchi for two years now. We love it and eat it a few times a week. Recently, we switched from a plastic container to a traditional Korean kimchi crock, but the last two times our kimchi has gotten moldy! We left the first batch in the basement (cool temps) and the second batch in the fridge.

    Please help! I don't want to have to pour more salt brine into the kimchi, and I don't want to have to go back to using plastic.

  2. From Maangchi's FAQ:

    A: If you keep your kimchi properly, it won’t go bad months and months. Don’t forget to press down the top of kimchi in the container with a spoon whenever you take some. It will prevent your kimchi from being exposed to air. If you see the top of your kimchi already has white stuff (mold), remove the top layer of the kimchi and you still can eat the rest of the kimchi.

    Or maybe its just the crock? I myself prefer a 1 gallon glass jar to store kimchi in; never had it go moldy.

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