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  1. Last week I found Maangchi's Korean Recipe Site. What luck! I'm hooked!

    So now I've made it my resolution to make at least one Korean dish every week from Maangchi.

    Weekending January 16: Kimchijeon 김치전, Mandu 만두, & Japchae 잡채.

    Weekending January 23: Pasanjeok 파산적.

    Any followers who want to join me on my Maangchi cooking quest? Just list what recipe dish you made for that week. This is a good way of logging all the recipes I have tried and recipes I have yet to make. :)

  2. Ok, today I got my Internet shipment of Korean Red Hot Pepper Powder, Red Pepper Paste, and anchovies. So today I made Kimchi and Kaktugi. And on Tuesday dinner was Bulgogi jungol and boy did my husband love it. I don't know what I'll make next week but I'm studying Maangchi's recipes.

    Funny thing is that I met customers at work who cooks Maangchi's Recipes too. It was quite amazing as this is a small town and I just had mentioned it in a conversation.


    1. Kimchi_First_Time_0231.JPG (2030.3 KB, 523 downloads) 3 years old
  3. Today 1/29/11, Saturday, I made Mandu Soup (Oh was it delicious!), meat mandu and vegetarian mandu (with this one the mandu skins were made from scratch since my friends were vegetarians and they don't eat eggs).

    Had the soup for lunch, um, um good. And for dinner I had a bowl of hot steaming rice with the kimchi.


    1. mandu_soup_maangchi_recipe_012911.JPG (1367.4 KB, 507 downloads) 3 years old
  4. I'll join you. I generally make several Korean side dishes a week (several from maangchi's site), but I don't always try new dishes and don't make as many soups/stews as I would like.

    On Friday my husband made yangnyeom tongak, but I guess I can't count that, huh? I made kaji namul, kong jorim and kamja jorim from the site today. I love making lots of side dishes on Saturday or Sunday and then having them to eat all week long. I feel so happy every time I open my lunch box :)

    I made nabak kimchi and kosari namul today too, but those were my own recipes. I'll post pictures when I get a chance---I'm no great photographer, but the food tastes good¡

  5. Hi Mokpochica,

    Your husband must be a great cook! I still have yet to make yangnyeom tongak, 고사리 나물, GoSaRi NaMul, kaji namul, and kong jorim. I hear ya, making lots of side dishes on Saturday or Sunday and then having them to eat all week long makes me happy too. I just can't wait to have a smorgabob-style lunch and dinner. :)

    Photos make me salivate and makes me want to make some. Here's my dinner tonight. My Caucasian husband tries everything once. He loves Mandu and Bulgogi which are his favorites.

    Thanks for joining and I can't wait to make some of the dishes you've made already. I'd like to make 고사리 나물, GoSaRi NaMul soon, only if I could get the main ingredient.


    1. Banchan_Maangchi_Style_0243.JPG (2252.4 KB, 515 downloads) 3 years old
  6. YUM! Here are my pics of some of the side dishes I made and a pic of the kids enjoying them.


    1. IMG_1814.JPG (1778.7 KB, 517 downloads) 3 years old
    2. IMG_1802.JPG (1934.6 KB, 472 downloads) 3 years old
    3. IMG_1812.JPG (1897 KB, 498 downloads) 3 years old
    4. IMG_1813.JPG (1649.1 KB, 477 downloads) 3 years old
  7. 2/1/11 Tuesday: You're photos turned out great and the food looks inviting. Kids are enjoying their dinner and happy. Thanks for sharing your meal with me. :)

    Dinner tonight is Japchae 잡채.

  8. 2/1/11 Tuesday: I'm kind of screwed up in my dates and days and so today I made Kimchi Kimbap (too tired to make my original intention). Sprinkled a little sesame/kim seasoning on top. DELICIOUS!


    1. Kimchi_Kimbap_Maangchi_0252.JPG (2088.5 KB, 522 downloads) 3 years old
  9. 02/03/11 Thursday: Happy New Year!!! Year of the Rabbit. Tonight I made Soybean side dish
    Kongjang, kongjorim
    콩장, 콩조림, It turned out so good! Thanks to Maangchi's recipe.


    1. Kongjang_or_KongjorimEnter_Maangchi_02.jpg (2233.1 KB, 525 downloads) 3 years old
  10. 2/6/11: Superbowl Sunday started early with lots of cooking...

    Eggplant side dish / 가지나물 / Gaji namul

    Soybean side dish Kongjang, kongjorim 콩장, 콩조림

    Spinach side dish Sigeumchi namul 시금치나물

    Soybean sprout side dish kongnamul muchim 콩나물 무침

    Cabbage and soy bean paste soup Baechu doenjang guk 배추 된장국


    1. Cabbage_and_soy_bean_paste_soup_Baechu.jpg (2003.8 KB, 563 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Japchae.JPG (2330.3 KB, 527 downloads) 3 years old
    3. Eggplant_Side_Dish.JPG (2365.3 KB, 564 downloads) 3 years old
  11. YUM! It all looks great. :) My husband makes great chapchae, so I haven't attempted it yet. Actually, I don't know that I ever will, because I still want him to cook sometimes too...and if he thinks I can cook everything then he might not cook at all.

    I also made shigeumchi namul 시금치나물 today. The other dishes I made were Uhmook bokkeum 어묵볶음 and Gamja jorim 감자 조림. They all turned out really well. I'm going to try and make pare (roasted kim) tonight if I am not too tired. We still had a few things left from last week too, so I will have a full lunch box tomorrow regardless.

    We cheated and went out to lunch today and had Korean food. One of the local restaurants makes the best kimchi chigae ever and even my baby was gobbling it up today. We had bibimbop too.

    My husband went out and bought ingredients for mujigae ddeok. It is my baby's 2nd birthday this Friday and my plan is to make it Thursday night after the kids go to sleep. I asked him to get kkaenip too, but I guess they were expensive and looked dry, so sadly no kkaenip kimchi this week. I LOVE that kimchi and it is surprisingly easy to make. I've got some hot peppers that will be great for twaynjang chigae though...

  12. Hi Mokpochica,

    Hope your week went smoothly. Can't wait to try uhmook bokkeum that you made, so that's on my list still. We live near the Pacific Ocean so you would think we have local fresh fish sold at markets but they export them instead, what a shame.

    Weekending 2/13/11: Made Sujebi, both kinds and enjoyed them immensely. My husband didn't try them as he was not in the mood for soup but he did eat the Japchae.

    Since finding Maagnchi's recipes and trying something every week, I don't really miss the Korean Restaurants anymore. Though it would be nice just to go out for the night and try other Asian-style cooking. There is really no culture here so it's very difficult unless we go on a long journey 8 hours away for authentic Asian cooking.


    1. Sujebi_Maangchi_Style_0272.JPG (2178 KB, 485 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Sujebi_Maangchi_Style_0271.JPG (2187.2 KB, 458 downloads) 3 years old
  13. The Sujebi looks fantastic. I've never had kimchi sujebi, but my mouth is really watering for it right now. I made the non-spicy sujebi with maangchi's recipe before and I loved it.

    I know what you mean about not missing Korean restaurants. Maangchi says somewhere on this site that home cooked meals are really the best and I absolutely agree. Healthier and you have peace of mind that you know exactly what went into them. After my husband and I have learned to cook more and more foods we have said that we don't feel like going to a restaurant when we know we can make any and all of the foods they serve there.

    My plan was to make mujigae ddeok last night or tonight and it's not happening because my husband bought the wrong kind of ssal karu. We are having the real birthday party for my baby (who turned 2 today!) next weekend, so I guess I will make it then. Or maybe tomorrow if I feel really ambitious.

    I did make pare (roasted kim) this week and it was fantastic! I can't believe how quickly we ate it.

    I think my goal for this next week will be to make sun dubu chigae. After kamja tang and kimchi chigae, it is my favorite. I used to make it quite often, but I think my recipe was too bland, so I want to try maangchi's recipe. It will be too spicy for the kids, so I will just throw together some miso soup for them.

  14. Happy Birthday to your 2-year old.

    I know what you mean about the husbands (cooking-wise). My husband cooked all the time, he said it was more for survival but he sure is a great cook, Caucasian food though. He did attempt making Americanized kimchi for me last year because I had missed Korean food so much after moving here 5 years ago. What a sweetheart!

    Let me know how your sun dubu chigae turned out. It sounds great and I keep on watching that video which means it's going to be made very soon. :) I'll just have to make more kimchi soon.

  15. I'm curious--what was your husband's Americanized kimchi like? Milder than the average kimchi? That is very sweet because making kimchi is very time-consuming, especially the first time you make it.

    I didn't make sun dubu yet (instead I made kongnamul guk), but I did make mujigae ddeok. It wasn't a perfect result, but it tasted great!


    1. IMG_1828.JPG (1722 KB, 478 downloads) 3 years old
  16. The cake looks fantastic! The kids look so happy to be eating it. I would love to make that cake but it just seems a lot of work.

    The Americanized Kimchi was made ready? My husband began with a jar of sauerkraut, added red pepper powder, and don't really know what else he added. That was it. Just the thought he would attempt to make kimchi for me was a treat. It tasted good (I love kraut because that's what I grew up with in Minnesota).

    Weekending 2/20/11: It's Friday, 2/18/11, and tonight was Ground-soybean stew (kongbijijjigae) for dinner. No, my honey didn't try it but it tasted good. I may not have ground the soybeans enough as it was "pulpy" in the stew.

    What dishes did you have time to make for this week Mokpochica? :)

  17. Feb. 20, 2011, Sunday: Ojingeojeot (Fermented Squid), after waiting a month prep., it sure was worth the wait. The little rice section has the squid on top of it. Don't think the squid is going to last a month as it's going fast! (Photo of BEFORE and AFTER)

    Stuffed cucumbers (Oisobagi kimchi) are so delicious too. If you look at the plate of banchans, no wonder Asian people stay slim, that does not include me because I'm VERY Americanized!

    Made some soups from Maangchi's Recipes this past week too. It's been a regular staple lately because it's been so cold here with rain, hail, wind, snow, lightening, and just darn chilly.



    1. Ojingeojeot_Fermented_Squid_Maagnchi_S.jpg (2315.2 KB, 456 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Ojingeojeot_Fermented_Squid_Maagnchi_S.jpg (2209.4 KB, 417 downloads) 3 years old
    3. Banchan_022011_Maagnchi_Style_0297.JPG (2258.9 KB, 457 downloads) 3 years old
  18. My mouth is watering! Not over the Americanized kimchi though ;) Your food looks fantastic! The ojingo looks fantastic and so do the oisobagi. I want to make both now.

    I made doenjang guk (shilgari guk is what my husband calls it). I also made kosari nameul (My daughter, Haneul loves it and we are always trying to get her to eat more veggies). I made mujigae ddeok again for my son's family birthday party. It turned out even better this time. My husband and I went to Chicago over the long weekend and went to jjim jil bang (Kim's Spa). We went without the kids, so it was very relaxing. We had maeun tang (with cod, yum!), soon dubu chigae and yuk gae jang while we were there. We also bought a bunch of food at a market in Chicago and wanted to buy much more, but thought better of buying too much frozen fish since we would have to transport it.

    I have a snow day tomorrow, so I will be making kaji, kong nameul muchim and maybe nabak kimchi if I feel ambitious. We have so much kimchi right now and so many dried persimmons that I see sujunggwa and kimchi chigae in my future too!


    1. IMG_1855.JPG (1999.8 KB, 452 downloads) 3 years old
    2. IMG_1867.JPG (1742.4 KB, 451 downloads) 3 years old
  19. You're making me want to make mujigae ddeok but just can't get the gumpshion (my own made-up word) to start. It looks fluffy and delectable but I'll wait for a holiday party time to make it. :)

    Just the word, spa, always sounds relaxing, huh? Glad you two got away for awhile. Busy people need a respite too.

    Your children are very cute and your dinner table has a good mix of food for everyone to enjoy. The only thing about all the good food is doing all the dishes afterward, ha, ha.

    Beginning of this week I made cod and the new Green Chili Pancakes. Boy, was that good! Had it for breakfast this morning with egg and fermented squid. Mmmm, mmmmm, good! Have a great week.


    1. Pablano_Chili_Pancake_Maangchi_Recipe_.jpg (2279 KB, 439 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Pablano_Chili_Pancake_Maangchi_Recipe_.jpg (2161.1 KB, 492 downloads) 3 years old
    3. Breaded_cod_fillets_daegujeon_Maagnchi.jpg (2312.4 KB, 447 downloads) 3 years old
  20. YUM! I so want to eat the gochujeon. I don't think I've ever had gochujeon, but I love haemul jeon and bindae ddeok. I remember eating those on rainy days in Korea with makkoli.

    What sauce did you serve with the cod and jeon in your third picture? It looks like it has gochu jang in it? My mouth is watering!

  21. Weekending 2/27/11: On 2/26/11, Saturday, for lunch I made Spicy Fermented Cabbage Stew (Kimchi Chigae 김치찌개) and a Bean Sprout Side Dish (Kongnamool Muchim 콩나물 무침). Kristi (from Korean Food Fan Profile) kept on talking about Kimchi Chigae and I can see why it's one of your favorite dishes. I remember eating that in Japantown (San Francisco) very long ago. It sure is delicious! I have not been disappointed at all with any of Maangchi's recipes. Every recipe made just brings back lots of memories, food-wise.

    I made the sauce with a little bit of soy sauce, sesame oil, tad of white vinegar, and sprinkle of Furikake Seasoning (I love this stuff). That Poblano Green Chili Pancake is just great! You guys would love it too. I added 1/2 chopped Jalepeno and it really makes a difference. I have one more Poblano Pepper so guess what I'm making tonight? ;)


    1. Kimchi_stew_kimchi_chigae_Maangchi_Rec.jpg (2048.6 KB, 439 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Kimchi_stew_kimchi_chigae_Maangchi_Rec.jpg (2273.8 KB, 451 downloads) 3 years old
  22. You guys are so cool! I don't know how to encourage you more. All I can say is that i'm very impressed and all your dishes look terrific! Someday you could meet each other!

  23. Hey Kristi,

    How did you like soon dubu chigae at the restaurant? Well, I'm going to make some this coming week (no promises) because I ran out of homemade kimchi.

    You want to hear something funny? When I lived down in Cotati, CA, there was this Asian market that made fresh kimchi pancakes(during lunch-hour), so I would frequent the market practically twice a week, if not more; and each time I would ask myself how do they make that. I even shipped some to my Caucasian Mom UPS overnight with some dry ice. Now with Maangchi's recipes, I don't have to wonder anymore, I can make it myself and eat it anytime, thank goodness!

    Needless to say, this is what was for dinner tonight...

    P.S. Thanks Maangchi. I can't tell you how much joy you brought into my life, in sharing your family recipes and the Korean food traditions. I have waited a long time to find authentic Korean recipes to try, and you brought that to me. Guess the Internet should get some credit too (without the Internet, I would have never found Maangchi)! :)


    1. kimchi_and_Green_Chili_Pepper_Pancakes.jpg (2230.2 KB, 479 downloads) 3 years old
  24. Thanks Maangchi! This site also brings me a lot of joy. I never would have thought that I would be be successfully making the foods I am making now--and I feel like I am becoming more adventurous all the time. It definitely would be great to meet some day. Who knows?--maybe after my husband graduates law school we will end up in California. Or maybe even New York.

    The soon dubu at the restaurant was tasty, but not really like I remember it in Korea. It wasn't spicy enough. I know that any food can vary with the cook, but I feel like soon dubu varies the most of any Korean food I have eaten. Anyway, I got around to making soon dubu on Friday. It was very good and the kids ate it, so I guess it wasn't too spicy for them after all. Of course I did make it on the mild side.

    I just finished making jang jorim. YUM! This weekend I made miyeok julgi bokkeum for the first time and turned out great. I also made kong jorim, kosari and my hubby made spinach (sigeumchi nameul). We had Yubu chobap and doenjang guk today. Looking forward to a week of yummy lunch boxes!

    I was going to make gochu jeon today and then my husband told me it isn't his favorite jeon and he only bought enough peppers for the jang jorim, so I couldn't make it. I think I need to stop for some peppers on my way home tomorrow and make it anyway. ;)


  25. Hi Kristi,

    Weekending 3/6/11: During the week I made Kimchi, soybean sprout side dish (kongnamool, and the delicious rolled egg dish. It's been raining all week here but that never kept me from cooking.

    I'm so hungry for miyeok julgi bokkeum that you made. Hmart is unable to ship "refrigerated" items such as the seaplant stem. We spent time playing with our dog at the beach and during that time, I saw seaweed at low-tide so I told my husband I'm going to use what we have (abundantly) in our ocean and try using the kelp. I've been Google-ing trying to figure out how to prepare (sanitize) the local seaweed. It's free, fresh, and readily available in the Pacific Ocean. If you don't hear from me, you'll know what happened! Just kidding.

    Let me know what fantastic meals you made... :)


    1. Gyeran_Malyee_Rolled_Omelette_Maangchi.jpg (2193.2 KB, 437 downloads) 3 years old
  26. Sunday 3/6/11: Eggplant Side Dish (Gaji Namul), Breaded Cod Fillets (Daegujeon), and Soybean Side Dish (Kongjang, Kongjorim) are the items I made this weekend and they will hopefully last during the work week. I really really really like eggplant!

    Currently I'm trying to figure out whether the Mugwort I got from the Internet is the same ingredient for Rice cake Gyungdan 경단. I desperately want to make it but gathering all the ingredients is kind of difficult. So my goal is to have it all so that by July 4, 2011, I can make it for that holiday. :)

  27. The Gyungdan on this site are so photogenic, and delicious too I am sure. I've wanted to make them too. I hope you can get all of the ingredients.

    I also made gaji nameul today and I have kongjang in the fridge still. I always make a double batch because the kids love them. I finally made oi sobaegi and they turned out great. I hadn't made them before because I remember thinking it was too salty when I lived in Korea and I think I had the impression it would be difficult to make. Not at all, and they are delicious. My husband was so happy. I also made the beef/radish soup that is posted with them and it had my son saying "MMMMM..MMMMM" while he has eating it. It is great to find another simple soup that I can quickly make to go along with panchan.

    I made soondubu again earlier in the week and it was definitely better this second time, but I still haven't made it faithfully following the recipe (each time I haven't had beef). I'll make it again this week because I have all the ingredients now. I have nabak kimchi on my list of things to make this week too. I don't really feel like making it, but I know I will feel like eating it when it is fermented just right. :)

    We went to the huge Chinese market near us today because they have Asian kaji and none of the other markets seem to. I bought a large bag of baby bok choy and cooked that up tonight in a ginger/garlic sauce. It is really good--and the first time I've cooked bok choy although I've loved it for a long time.

  28. Hi K,

    A week ago today, we were packed and kept away from our home for 10.5 hours...Tsunami Warning Evacuation. It was very scary and stressful; however, we learned a lot on "how to be more prepared for emergencies evacs." All is well here now so back to cooking recipes.

    How did your 3rd try of Soondubu turn out?

  29. March 20, 2001 (Sunday): All the leftovers have been eaten so made some fresh batch of Dumplings Mandu (만두), Kimchi, 김치, and Soybean side dish Kongjang, kongjorim (콩장, 콩조림), Spinach side dish Sigeumchi namul (시금치나물), and this morning purchased some Green chili pepper pancake to make some Gochujeon 고추전 later today to eat for the week.


    1. Mandu_Maangchi_Style_0405.JPG (2057.3 KB, 484 downloads) 3 years old
  30. Wow! I'm sure evacuating your home was very scary. I am glad all turned out well. The people of Japan have been very much on my mind. I have been looking at some of the stories about Indonesia 5 years after the 2004 earthquake and tsunami and I know that Japan will be just as successful rebuilding, if not more. Of course the loss of human life is the great tragedy.

    Yum! You inspire me to try making mandu. I still haven't made gochujeon! I need to get my act together. How did your kimchi turn out? Have you altered the recipe to your taste at all? I add a bit more sugar usually and I omit the squid/oysters.

    Last weekend I made large portions of bibimbop namul and meat to eat throughout the week and it was great. I also made gaji namul and nabak kimchi (water kimchi). This past weekend was too hectic too make much panchan with sick children. I made roasted seaweed in the pan and beef radish soup. I also made doenjang chigae with a really spicy jalapeño, but it was delicious. I love it with enoki mushroom. I also made some rest stop potatoes from this site They are my husband's favorite rest stop food, so it brings back a lot of memories from our time traveling in Korea.

    I plan to make mu saengchae, more roasted seaweed and the chwi namul this week. I am excited to see how that turns out. I don't think that I've had it in Korea...that I remember. The dried aster scaber is cheaper than kosari, so I wanted to try them.

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