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    this is something, my parents used to make for us kids. I dont know if its a traditional korean dish, because when i made it for my friends, they where looking kinda sceptical. So it could be, that my parents incented this when they immigrated to germany.

    you prepare ganjang as follows:

    1 cup ganjang

    2-4 tbs sesame-oil

    handfull of sesame seeds, hot pepperflakes and green onions.

    this is a standard ganjang I learned from my mother.

    you take some fresh made rice, still hot, butter it up nicely and put some of the above ganjang in it. the green onions give it a nice crunch, sesame oil softens it up and well… everything tastes better with butter…

    best with fresh made kimchi…

    maybe anyone can tell me if they know this concoction?



    Yes, this sauce is called Yangnyum ganjang (양념간장) in Korean. It’s very deli~cious! : ) I add a little sugar. I love lots of chopped green onion in the sauce. You can use this sauce in many different kinds of dishes. Pour over grilled or roasted fish! It will make a fantastic side dish!



    Hi max,

    I read somewhere that to make Ganjang (soy sauce), sesame seeds are first soaked in salt water. Its paste must be separated from the mix, and the residual juice is fermented under the sun. During this fermenting period, amino acids, sugar, and salt made by enzymes make it salty.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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