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“My First Kimchi Is A Success!”

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  • started 2 months ago by louise_321
  1. Thank you Maangchi, for inspiring me to make Kimchi for the first time, I am very pleased that this recipe has been a complete success and I will continue to make Kimchi from now on after I followed one of your recipes but used Oyster sauce instead Soy sauce and added an extra 2 shallots and only one clove of garlic, so yes I made some changes besides I bought 2 savoy cabbages as I did not think they sold Napa cabbages in the UK, only to find Napa cabbages in an Asian food store close to where I live, hahahahah!!

    Anyway, as I was washing the salt off the cabbage, I kept tasting it to see if the salt had gone and this has really helped me to ensure all the salt was gone by the time I mixed all the ingredients together. The flavours are amazing, it was well worth the effort!

  2. Congrats! I recently made my first batch of kimchi as well. I left out the carrots (don't like em) buchu (mine went bad as I waited too long) and dropwort (not available). I did add jalapeño, to give it some Mexican flair :)

    I'll try to add shallots next time! Sounds delicious :)

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