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“My new 항아리”

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  • started 2 months ago by ddnorman
  1. This is my new 항아리 (hang-ari). I can't wait to make kimchi in it. I will probably get another one so that I can try making 막걸리.

    I want to give a shout out to the owners of Chung Gae Oriental Market in Ayer, MA where I purchased my 항아리 (and also most of my supplies).

    They have a great selection of Korean products and are very friendly and helpful. The lady who owns the shop always helps me find what i need and even helped me with my Korean spelling and pronunciation.

    When I was showing off some of my Korean garden and food photos that I posted to Maangchi's website to her, some other customers came over and started talking to us. They really get a kick out if it that a white guy is learning the language, how to cook and even grow vegetables. One lady asked me if I was 한국 사람 and called me 아저씨! I said 아니요. 미국 사람이에요. My wife and I must have chatted with them for a half an hour!



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  2. Thank you for sharing the story about your earthenware crock! It makes me laugh and it's such a cute story. I'd love to go to the store and ask them: "Do you know Dave??"

  3. I'm just tickled that I could read the hangul in the above article! There is just a very small number of ethnic Koreans where I live. I don't even know if there is a store devoted to Korean goods. The grocery stores around here have Korean items amongst the shelves, but I wouldn't say it is well stocked. I wouldn't mind being able to buy a 항아리, too! Thank you for sharing this story!

  4. 항아리 update!

    I finally made some kimchi in my new 항아리 and it turned out delicious! And it looks cool too! ^^



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  5. Thank you for the update! What precious kimchi!

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