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“my recipe request to maangchi”

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  • started 2 years ago by chef Benedict
  1. i have a lot of request for you maangchi to cook...
    -bibimmyun (spicy noodles)
    -bibim guksu (spicy noodles)
    -kkotgetang (crab hotpot)
    -kalguksu (clam noodle soup)
    -salad guksu (spicy noodle salad)
    -omurice (fried rice inside the omelet)
    -dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew)
    -dakgochigui (chicken skewers)
    -dakgalbi (chicken and vegetable stir fry)
    -neobiani gui (korean beef steak)
    -seasoned tuna rice bowl "as a doshirak"
    -spinach omelet rolls
    -doeji kalbi gui (grilled pork ribs)
    -baked fish fillet with sweet and spicy sauce
    -korean stir fried shrimps
    -gujeolpan (royal spring roll platter)
    -bindatteok (mungbean pancakes)
    -milssam (traditional rice flour pancakes)
    -daehaptang (clam soup)
    -bukoh congnamul guk (pollack soup with daikon)
    -shinseolo (shrimp, fish and vegetable hotpot)
    -dubu kimchi (stir fried kimchi with pork or beef)
    -jangeo gui (grilled eel)
    -insam cha (ginseng tea)

    plese post some videos with these recipes... i really love korean cuisine so many of us will also do this things!

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