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“Need to find certain brand of red papper”

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  • started 2 years ago by JimmyW
  1. Thanks to Maangchi, I've become a pretty good Kimchi chef. I found that my recipes work best with a particular brand of red pepper powder. However, I can't find it online, but I can't read the label, which is in Korean. I attached a scan of the bag, and I hope that someone can interpret it for me or, better yet, send me a link to a source from which I can order this brand. Thanks!

    Helena, MT


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  2. I wish that I could help but I agree some brands are hotter, different shade of red or the grind is different. To make ponytail kimchi yesterday I mixed pepper from three different bags.

  3. Thanks. I was thinking that, if someone could translate the Korean, I could search for the brand if that's what the bag really indicates. One thing that I've noticed is that some ground peppers include salt, which I avoid in my pepper.

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