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“New York Chuseok Festival 2010”

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  1. Does anyone have any info on the New York Chuseok Festival? I missed it last year. I would like to attend this year!

  2. I did some Googling around, I couldn't find anything. I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in Flushing, no doubt there will be posters up.

  3. I did some Googling but couldn't find anything. I'll keep my eyes open the next time I'm in Flushing, there's bound to be a poster.

  4. According to this video, the festival will be in Randall Island Park on Oct 9 and 10, from noon to 10pm.

    There's going to be food, makkoli, and a concert from 7-10pm with Kara, Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong Kook, Jeong, Beast, Hyun Sook, Kim Bu Ja, Jang Mi Hwa, and Tae Ji Na.

  5. Last two years for New York Chuseok Festival there were several ads, each with different dates.They also had changed the location from the park's promenade to Citifield without telling anyone. The organizers need a kick in the pants!!!!

  6. if anyone knows any recent info please tell me! :)
    also i wanted to know, for the concert day is it on Oct 9th or 10th?
    also is it confirmed that Beast and all those other artists coming to the NY 2010 one?

  7. Hi everyone!

    This is my first time attending the festival and I was wondering if the concert was free? And are these artists confirmed on going?

    Thanks :]

  8. ... sorry accidentally double posted >.<

  9. I'm not working for the Korean Produce Association (they are the ones putting this on), I'm just going by Korean news reports that say the event was announced with those performers.

    As far as I know the event is free, and the concert will be on Oct 10.

  10. The concert won't be from 7-10 on the 9th? Only the 10th? Also I heard of the location, but what is the specific address so I can google it? Help would be nice. :)

  11. Randall Island Park
    1 Randalls Is Road
    New York, NY 10035‎

    The concert is on the 10th.

  12. heyyy (: i just wanted to be 200% sure about this.
    the concert with Beast & everyone is on the 10th?
    & there's no tickets needed? is the CONCERT free?
    i'd really like to know so i could go, please & thanks!!

  13. i just saw tv commercial with Son Dambi and Secret. I heard Kara and Lee Hyori can't make it because something happened to Sungyeon?

  14. have u heard anything of when is the korean chuseok parade in ktown manhattan?

  15. I just heard about the festival yesterday

    I only want to go for B2ST and Hyori
    but if their not going I'll just stick to comic con

    I really hope she doesn't cancel

  16. I just heard about the festival yesterday

    I only want to go for B2ST and Hyori
    but if their not going I'll just stick to comic con

    I really hope she doesn't cancel

  17. hey thanks for any new updates!
    please continue to keep us updated!
    if i hear anything new...i'll tell everyone hear :)

  18. It's hard to find any info on it, in Korean OR English. I think the details might not be totally straightened out yet.
    I'll keep looking.

  19. Here is some info

  20. yeah i was going to go cus i love beast but it seems like they aren't coming because i live in nj and on the korean radio they said that son dambi, norazo, brian from fly to the sky and other people are coming -____________-

    idk what to believeeee.
    but i feel like kara won't come because seungyeon like got hurt and then beast won't come because since their comeback got delayed...i doubt that they're gonna comeback on september 30, or october 1st and then come to nyc to do a chuseok festival concert.

    i think they said that they were coming a while back when they thought they were going to comeback some time in august. delaying it by two months could change them coming to the chuseok festival ):

    i'm so sadddddddd, i wanted to see beast's breath performance LIVE ):

  21. do you guys know is it going to be held at the icahn stadium since randall island park is big !

  22. Coming: Brian Kim, Son Dambi, Norazo

    Not sure: Kara, Beast

    Not coming: Lee Hyori

    Concert is both days, Saturday and Sunday, but not sure when the pop singers will sing on which day.

  23. My friend said she thought BEAST and Hyori were performing sunday.

    But I thought Son Dambi replace both Hyori and Kara

  24. Here's a photo of the posters in Flushing:


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  25. @Stanford
    You are like the best!
    can you translate what it says...and the artists that are performing?
    also when will the concert day be?

  26. @Stanford
    You are like the best!
    can you translate what it says...and the artists that are performing?
    also when will the concert day be?

  27. I will do some research about the festival and update here soon.

  28. @Maangchi
    thank you :)
    hopefully you get all info by friday night! :D

  29. Today I talked to Jinseung Han(한진승), who's a volunteer for the event at KPANY. He emailed me this information and I'm translating it for you.

    The 28th Korean Harvest & Folklore Festival presented by Korean Produce Association of New York
    Tel: 718.842.2424

    When: Oct.9 (Saturday) and Oct 10 (Sunday)
    Time: from 12 pm to 9:30 pm
    Place: Randall’s Island
    Events: Namsadang poongmul nori, taekwando, Korean traditional wrestling, singing contest, drawing competition

    Top Korean entertainers will perform on the stage at about 6:00 pm on both days.

    Saturday: 70/80, Kim Gookwhan, Lee Chihyeon, Im Byeongsu, Kim Sehwa, Kim Taemin, Dool Daseot (둘다섯)

    Sunday: Son Dambi, Jeong In, Brian Kim, Nora Jo

    During the event, Korean food and ingredients will be sold, so bring cash if you want to buy something.

    Getting there
    Free shuttle buses (every hour starting at 12:00 pm):

    1) In front of Koryo Dang Bakery in Flushing
    2) Near Doejikkoom Restaurant (돼지꿈) at Rt 46 & Broadway in New Jersey

    Bus from Manhattan:
    Bus #M35 from Manhattan goes to Randall Island; Take the 4,5,6 to 125 Lexington, where you can catch bus #M35


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  30. I will be there at about 4:00 pm tomorrow on Sunday.

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