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“Normally how many days would you keep Banchan in the fridge?”

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  • started 6 years ago by Chien
  1. Hi everyone

    How long do you usually keep "cooked" banchan (e.g. egg rolls, spinach with sesame, mushroom with garlic, etc.) in the fridge? ie. average shelf life? Would a week be the norm? Thanks ...

  2. Hi Chien,

    for fresh raw ingredients this is the guidelines I follow :)

    (preservatives or food made from preservatives are a whole different matter)

    - cooked food (especially cooked vegestables) I put in the fridge as soon as possible after the meal or after making. (1-2 hours)

    - if I want to store the food for longer than 1 day, I freeze it instead of put it in the fridge(if it can handle being frozen?!) or just make smaller portions.

    vegestables and greens that have short cooking times i wouldn't keep for more than 1 day.

    BUT smell, look and taste your food. Always the best indicator:) if smell and or taste has changed beyond what it would taste like cold, I would bin it.

    (dunno if Im being too fussy, I study biology and we see some nasty stuff related to food, and often we take chances with our health without knowing it)

  3. To Joe,
    aww thanks a lot! I think I really made a good decision to open this "forum". Thank you for your good information.

  4. Generally I put my limit at about a week, but some foods will "surprise" you. Take Jo's advice and go on taste, smell, and consistency. Mark my words, stir things around a bit before eating. I had a salted pickle banchan once that smelled great because of the heavy sesame oil I used, but one swirl with the chopsticks showed that they were a bit too slimey to be safely consumed.

  5. Whoa. I never really think about how long I should keep banchan. Usually I eat all banchan I find in the fridge. I never get sick though :]
    My mom said things like beansprouts and squash should be thrown away within a few days. My mom made squash yesterday so i guess i'd better start eating it >_>
    Overall, my theory is- if its Korean, its healthy! And its pickled so its fine to eat if its within a couple weeks? haha

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