Normally how many days would you keep Banchan in the fridge?

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    Hi everyone

    How long do you usually keep “cooked” banchan (e.g. egg rolls, spinach with sesame, mushroom with garlic, etc.) in the fridge? ie. average shelf life? Would a week be the norm? Thanks …



    Hi Chien,

    for fresh raw ingredients this is the guidelines I follow :)

    (preservatives or food made from preservatives are a whole different matter)

    – cooked food (especially cooked vegestables) I put in the fridge as soon as possible after the meal or after making. (1-2 hours)

    – if I want to store the food for longer than 1 day, I freeze it instead of put it in the fridge(if it can handle being frozen?!) or just make smaller portions.

    vegestables and greens that have short cooking times i wouldn’t keep for more than 1 day.

    BUT smell, look and taste your food. Always the best indicator:) if smell and or taste has changed beyond what it would taste like cold, I would bin it.

    (dunno if Im being too fussy, I study biology and we see some nasty stuff related to food, and often we take chances with our health without knowing it)



    To Joe,

    aww thanks a lot! I think I really made a good decision to open this “forum”. Thank you for your good information.



    Generally I put my limit at about a week, but some foods will “surprise” you. Take Jo’s advice and go on taste, smell, and consistency. Mark my words, stir things around a bit before eating. I had a salted pickle banchan once that smelled great because of the heavy sesame oil I used, but one swirl with the chopsticks showed that they were a bit too slimey to be safely consumed.



    Whoa. I never really think about how long I should keep banchan. Usually I eat all banchan I find in the fridge. I never get sick though :]

    My mom said things like beansprouts and squash should be thrown away within a few days. My mom made squash yesterday so i guess i’d better start eating it >_>

    Overall, my theory is- if its Korean, its healthy! And its pickled so its fine to eat if its within a couple weeks? haha

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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