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“Obsessed With Korean Food!”

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  • started 2 months ago by KimchiQueen
  1. I've been a fan of Maangchi for a few years now and casually dabbled in Korean foods and basic kimchi. But then I got hooked. It all started out innocently enough bonding with dad over a few Korean historical dramas subtitled on As I worked my way through the Great Doctor, Dong Yi and Jewel in the Palace I found myself craving bulgogi with pickled radishes and spicy kimchi. Soon, food didn't taste right eaten with a fork while enjoying my tenth drama series. I discovered rice cake and scallion pancakes at a nearby Korean noodle house and my cravings grew. Then I watched Immortal Classic and it was over. Now I'm addicted to my journey of making kimchi and Korean foods and only wish I had secret grotto where I could keep giant pots in the perfect environment! Guess I'll have to make do with turning the bottom of my refrigerator drawers into dedicated kimchi storage. Right now have a traditional radish kimchi and an experiment with beets, carrots, daikon and chives fermenting on the counter. So far so yummy!

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