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“Original Seaweed Soup”

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  • started 4 years ago by whateverazn
  1. Can you cook a tutorial about original sea plant soup for us? I try to look for an original one but i can't find it. They are all mix stuff...
    Thanks for that!

  2. Maangchi has done Miyuk guk.

    If that is not the one that you are looking for can you explain?

  3. ohhhh...I got it...thank you so much!!

  4. I am glad you found what you were looking for. Let us know how it turned out.

  5. Okie <3, you can see my dukbokki first :)


    1. IMG_1738.JPG (4006.4 KB, 556 downloads) 4 years old
  6. Okie <3, you can see my dukbokki first :)

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