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  1. Hi Maangchi. I just joined your website and I love to stalk you on Youtube, jk jk.
    It's almost summer and I really want you to show us how to make this dessert called "Patbingsoo". I actually never tried it myself, but I heard my Korean friends say it's delicious. So now I'm tempting to make one myself at home.

  2. I totally second this request. All I keep hearing in my head is Yoon Jong Shin singing, "Bing Soo ya! Pat Bing Soo ya! Saranghae! Saranghae!" and I think of this delicious treat ^__^

  3. Hi im a new member as well. but i would really want to know how to make pat bing soo as well! And also if possible, i would really like to know where we can get ingredients like the red canned beans and the miso powder! I've been checking up on the websites but i cannot really find it in singapore. please help!

  4. My patbingsu recipe is on! Thank you for your patience!

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