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    Hi Maangchi,

    I am requesting the pickled radish that you get when you order dakkangjung. I know you have a radish kimchi recipe, but what I am thinking of is different. I think it has a sweet vinegar broth.



    I think Maangchi’s recipe for pickled broccoli would work. The pickling broth is sweet and salty. I made it and I think the taste is the same as for the pickled radish they serve with the chicken. It was too easy as well!



    I think you are right. I wonder if the radish would stay crunchy. I will have to try it this week. yum~



    I made jang aji with radish, cucumber and jalapeno peppers. I didn’t blanch the veggies – just poured the hot soy pickle broth over and refrigerated. Everything stayed crunchy. Maangchi’s broccoli recipe calls for the broth to be cooled down.

    Let us know how it turns out!



    This is the recipe my wife came up with and she was happy with it.


    1 can sprite

    1/4 to 1/3 cup vinegar

    3 0r 4 tablespoons sugar

    3/4 to 1 tablespoon salt




    Thank you very much for posting this recipe! Many people will love it. Actually one of my friends who used to run a huge Korean restaurant said that she has been using sprite in her mulkimchi and radish pickles. I tasted it once and it was very delicious!



    It was my wifes idea to use the Sprite. When making JokBal my mother in law has friend also worked in a Korean restaurant used Sprite when making saeojut dip. It does make a very nice saeojut dip. So my wife wanted to use it with the radish. She was very happy with how it turned out.



    Hum… I think I might try the sprite recipe as well. I did try the broccoli recipe brine. It turned out nice. The radish stayed crunchy. I added a lot less salt and more vinegar.



    Hi, according to Powerplantop recipe, there’s no need to pre salt the radish. But how about when using Maangchi’s broccoli recipe brine? Do I need to salt the radish?? If so, for how long?




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