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“Plain Rice Cakes”

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  • started 4 years ago by LisaL
  1. Any way to get a How to for making plain rice cakes? Not the ones w/ the sweet bean stuff in the middle.
    Just the plain ones that go in to soup and such.

    I have regular and sweet rice flour, just not sure how much of what I should use. Thinking it's hot water w/ the flour, and then you shape it quickly. But do you steam it after that, or do you boil it?
    Any help would be fantastic :)

  2. Hi Lisa-

    Unfortunately Koreans don't make those plain rice cakes home. It's one of those things that is bought at a grocery store or rice cake store all the time. It involves special machine that pulls the rice cake out into a thick rope.

  3. Hrmm... well.... so there's no way to make it at home??

  4. You only need a few very basic tools.

  5. Its a lot of work to make it at home.

  6. nice video!

    That's how people used to make rice cake long long time ago( I am using this word in general term. There are many different kinds of rice cake, they are not all the same and they are not all made in a same way! No one makes rice cake this way anymore. This video is a fun novelty street demonstration of how it used to be made traditionally. You may still find this in a very hidden country side sometime but it's so rare you can assume that it's just not done this way.

    Koreans normally don't make rice cake at home. There are '"rice cakes" that are easy enough to make at home like songpyeon, or baeksulki but other than that it's all done at a mill or bought it from a rice cake store, or supermarket. When I was growing up my mom used to take rice to a mill in a neighborhood and get these plain rice cakes done and brought it home- I grew up in Seoul but these small mills are common in a neighborhood . Now I think many of these are disappearing and most are directly bought from a rice cake store already packaged or supermarket.

    So, LisaL, if you ask any Koreans how to make the soup rice cake home- I know what you are talking about. Some older people would tell you to take it to a mill, funny thing is that is considered homemade in many people's mind but most people would not understand why you would want to make it at home :) I don't know if you don't have access to Korean grocery store - I don't know if you can mail order this or not. But if you do, just get one from a store. I can't tell you whether it actually can be done at home or not because I've never seen or heard making this kind of particular rice cake home. Then again, I am Korean, I just don't see a need for it. Also the soup rice cake is probably more involved make it than regular rice cake because they are hard and cut. I assume it involves drying it out and cut thinly - so much work whether you do it home or a store.

  7. Wow, nice video. Old school right there.
    There's a korean store here. I usually do just buy the rice cakes already made in their nice little packages all cut up and ready to serve lol.
    But I bought sweet and regular rice flour now I just want to find different uses for them and thought, hey... maybe making rice cake would be fun :P

  8. I think there are some rice cakes you can make home. It just won't be the soup rice cake. Regular rice flour pretty much has no use for making rice cake.

    I think maangchi has recipe for rainbow rice cake. It does sound involved so I don't know.
    There's songpyun people make for Korean Thanksgiving.....
    Injulmi which is sort of mochi rolled in soy bean powder....
    If you are not Korean, these may be kind of meaningless but I am just listing things you could do at home fairly easily.

    You know what I think you can make? Mochi Ice cream!!!!!! I've seen several recipe making it and mochi can be easily made in the microwave. i think that's exciting.

  9. My sweet rice cake recipe called injeolmi is online! Thank you for your request!

  10. Here is a link to Aeri's Kitchen where she makes homemade rice cakes.

    The video has directions using a bread machine for kneading the dough. If you don't have a bread machine read down the page, and into the comments. Instructions are given there.

    This doesn't look that complicated. Think I will try it myself!

  11. Here is a link to a recipe from Aeri's Kitchen for homemade rice cakes for doek kuk.

    It doesn't look that complicated. I think I might try it myself since I don't have a Korean market close by.

    Good luck!

  12. My homemade rice cake called garaeddeok is online!

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