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    Heya Maangchi,

    I had a question, your last podcast on itunes is cut short. It ends abruptly after you add the salt, was that on purpose so we would have to come to the website. *wink* :P :) Also I noticed that the picture quality on the podcast is worse, or maybe I need new glasses…*sigh* :) My husband used your recipe to make meukguk after the baby was born. :) It was so good, and my mom was happy, since she couldn’t be there right after the birth. Thank you. :)



    Thanks for letting me know. I got a new computer, so I have a new way of rendering the podcast. For some reason the last minute was clipped, but I fixed it.

    Actually, the quality should be higher, not lower. What kind of ipod do you have?

    Don’t worry, I would never try to trick you into coming to my website. You should come by yourself!



    Thank you Maangchi! I was joking about tricking me into coming here. I come here a lot… :) I should have told you I have been lurking your sites even before you started this one. I had booked marked your 100 stories long time ago. I hope you continue them, I always had enjoyed them. I know I commented sometime long time ago on youtube, but it took me until I couldn’t get my maangchi fix on my ipod…

    I am on my laptop using itunes 10. Hmmm it might just be my glasses… :P I need new ones anyways. Thank you so very much. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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