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    Hi Maangchi and Foodies

    Last week My family and I went to a traditional Mexican Restaurant. I had a dish call Pozole (it a soup/stew) made with dried corn,(pork or chicken) and Chile peppers. Pozole reminded me of a Korean soup. O boy was it good. Knowing that you like Mexican food I was wondering if you had ever tried it. I plan to make a Korean version K-ozole. any ideas …..


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    1. posole


    That sounds interesting!! My family is New Mexican so I eat Posole ALL THE TIME but we just boil the pork and corn together and add chicken broth and a little red chile powder (posole differs from region to region, in Mexico, they serve it with lots of chilies and spices mixed in and they add lots of condiments to it, oh and they seem to use pigs feet in most mexican posoles) …I bet Kimchi and gochujang would be good in it!




    Thats What I'm talken about.

    Pork belly and fried Kimchi so good makes me want to smack my momma.

    Pork and Kimchi just work so well together cant miss.

    Thanks Brian

    (I think i'll go with Pork neck meat and bone)

    I really like the technique Maangchi has taught me of soaking bones/meat and then a 5-10 min boil dump the water rinse the bones/meat wash the pot. It gets rid of all the scummy foam & fat.

    For my 1st experiment I plan to buy White Posole from the Mexican restaurant and melt in some of my Home-made Ssamjang.

    As for condiments; Green onion, chunks of Korean radish,shaved Napa cabbage,a few small dried anchovies,sesame seeds, sesame oil,and cracked black pepper.

    Photos to follow

    Experiment 2

    I will buy a can of Goya Posole and six pack of beer ask one of the Mexican cooks that happen to work in the Korean restaurant i frequent to add the posole to my Kimchi-jjigae.
    (the beer for the cook)
    Photos to follow
    as always ideas and comments are welcomed.


    From Goya'site
    An essential ingredient in Mexican Pozole, Hominy is traditionally prepared by treating large white corn kernels with a softening solution of powdered lime until the skins slip off. The kernels are then further simmered until they open up like a flower. But why go through all the effort when Goya has done it for you? For a delicious short cut, simply add a can of Goya Hominy to your favorite stew or soup, and enjoy!

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    1. Hominy


    That sounds really good! For the corn part, I would suggest using a frozen Posole (some times it goes under the Nahuatl word “Nixtamal”) if you can find it, it just seems to be the tastiest and best texture. alot of supermarkets carry them in their freezers, I always find them at King Supers.

    Good Luck and tell me how it comes out!



    Oh my mouth is watering¡

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