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“Pressed pork with radish and oysters”

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  • started 5 years ago by unchienne
  1. Anyone know of a dish that's made with some type of pressed pork served with spicy radish mixed with raw oysters? Most of the time it's also wrapped in nappa cabbage that looks and tastes like it's been salted: very limp and slightly briney.

  2. mm... i dont believe its pressed. I love that! Its so delicious!
    Its basically a chunk of pork thats been boiled in some water with a touch of soybean paste and some salt maybe. then cut of course (;
    The spicy radish is easy to make! Just gotta julianne slice some radishes, put some salt on it, let it sit for like 30 min, and make the kimchi sauce. Oysters; you can buy the sushi quality in the freezer section of a Korean supermarket. its in a clear package with dark blue in it. It should say "I.Q.F. Oyster" on it :]
    AH i want to eat it... *growling stomach*

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