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“Quail egg dish”

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  1. Maangchi,

    I live in South Korea and every store I go into, whether it be a small convenience grocery store or a large supermarket, they sell quail eggs. Could you post a recipe in a good way to use these in Korean food, or a dish that highlights them? Thanks!

  2. oh, check my jangjorim recipe. I used eggs instead of quail eggs in the video. You can modify the recipe a little because quail eggs are much smaller than eggs.

  3. When I was in the Philippines I saw them at bus stations simply boiled and served with salt. Quite tasty!

  4. I second Maangchi's suggestion. I prefer using quail eggs in my jangjorim because they look adorable and have all the flavors in one little bite. We don't have fresh quail eggs where I live (lucky you) but for the janjorim, I use canned eggs. They're a little rubbery, I admit, but the pickling in soy makes even fresh eggs just a bit more chewy, so it doesn't turn out to be a drastic difference. However, if I lived in an area that provided fresh, I'd definitely choose those over the canned version.

  5. You can also braise like 'Jangjorim' but without the meat as well. I think jangjorim is pretty much the only time Koreans use quail eggs besides just snaking.

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