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“Questions about growing kongnamul (soybean sprouts)”

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  • started 4 months ago by snoogles
  1. Hi! First of all, thanks so much for this site – you can really tell it’s a labor of love! I have a basic knowledge of Korean cooking but you’ve inspired me to try preparing even more dishes. :)

    I had two questions… first, do you know where I can find a planter like yours (like the one that you use i the video)? Or would a small plastic colander work? (Although I guess since they need to be encouraged to grow straight down, maybe not?) Third, does the holding container need to be glass, or does it not matter? Thanks in advance for your help – I’m super excited to try this!!

  2. Hi snoogles! : )
    You can use any plastic colander or planter to grow soybean sprouts and you can use any bowl to hold the colander or planter. The key to growing good soybean sprouts is buying the right beans, keeping it in the dark, and watering it all the time, as I explain in the recipe.
    Good luck with growing your kongnamul!
    Soybeans for sprouting:

  3. Thank you, Maangchi! :)

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