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  • started 5 years ago by jennibug
  1. Hi! I love your recipes! Do you have a good recipe for LA-style Galbi (short ribs) preferably without alcohol?

  2. JBug:

    What is LA-style Galbi? As opposed to regular east coast Galbi?


  3. LA-style ribs are cut across the bones so each piece has 3-4 bones about 1/2 an inch thick. The other type of Galbi style (English-cut) is cut parallel to the bone--the result being a long, rectangular piece of beef attached to a bone. The marinade is usually the same--but I think it's a little easier using the 3-rib cut and it's fun eating around the bone! :)

  4. Use 7-UP or Sprite. It does tenderize the meat without alcohol. Also use puree pear or apple....

  5. Hi guys!

    Eventually, I posted my LA galbi recipe. And there's no alcohol!

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