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  • started 5 years ago by bhxray
  1. hi mmangchi,

    i love to watch you cook..your so wonderful

    i was hoping that you could post more recipes on different side dishes(bban chan) and dak tori tang (spicy chicken soup). thank you

  2. bhxray,
    dakdoritang is called "dakbokkeum" these days. It's hot spicy chicken stew with vegetables. Ok, more side dishes and dakbokkeum. Thanks!

  3. Hi Maangchi,

    Your website is very interesting and helpful for someone like me who lovesss korean food ^^

    I was just wondering if you could post a video recipe on how to make shikhye (the rice drink). I'd love to know how to make it myself.

    Thank you so much.

  4. liz,
    rice drink (shikhye: 식혜) will be posted in the near future.

  5. Maangchi! I went to the restaurant... and this is what i ate..
    its a bit hard to explain.
    But it was so interesting!
    The noodles were crunchy and plastic like
    they were clear and shiny.
    Thats all i remember. Haha you think you can help me out?
    Oh by the way, where should i post recipes?

  6. hopish,
    You can leave your recipe here:

    I don't know what kind of noodles you tasted. : ) Anybody else knows about it?

  7. Hello Maangchi,

    There is a desser/snack that I haven't had since I was a kid in Korea. Not sure what its called, but from what I remember, it was kind of like pancake with brown sugar center. Its probably too simple to make video for, but would love a recipe and name. Thanks!

  8. Hungryman,
    I think it's hodduk (호떡). right?
    I will post the recipe later.

  9. hi maangchi,
    i love your recipes! i just tried the kimchi chigae recipe and it was delicious! i was wondering if you could post a miyuk guk (seaweed soup) recipe so i can make it for my boyfriend's birthday, and also a dduk guk (rice cake soup) recipe for new years!! thanks!!

  10. Shikhye recipe is on YouTube now. I will post the written recipe on my website soon! Thank you!

  11. Hi Maangchi,

    It's so pleasing to see you cook!!! The foods look delicious. I just wonder if you can share how to make Potato Pancake with us. I was watching Family Outing last night. They were making this pancake. And I just so happened to run into your website when looking for the recipe on Google. :-) So perfect huh?

    Have a wonderful day!!! Thank you!!!

  12. sephor4,
    sure gamja jeon (potato pancake) is included in the list of my upcoming video recipes! Thanks

  13. Hi Maangchi, luv your website. I was wondering if you could one day post a recipe for baechu gook.

    Thank you!!!

  14. ptpxie,
    oh, baechugook (cabbage soup with soy bean paste) is really good food! Yes, your request is accepted! Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi Maangchi!

    I have followed your recipes and videos for so long, and passed along your site to many people. Your recipes are exactly like "home"! Before, I always had to rely on memory to get it just right. Now, I've got your recipes to guide me.

    Would you be able to provide recipes for things like jang jorim, oi muchim, manul jang ajji, twaeji bulgogi, twaejigogi pyonyuk, and gogi wan-ja jeon?


  16. melissa,

    Reading the list of the dishes you requested, I think you really love authentic Korean style of food.
    Sure, I will post the recipes someday.
    For those who may not understand what they are, I will translate the dishes into English.
    1. jang jorim (salty beef side dish)
    2. oi muchim (cucumber side dish)
    3. manul jang ah chi (Korean style pickled garlic)
    4. twaeji bulgogi (pork bulgogi)
    5. twaejigogi pyonyuk (boiled pork and dipping sauce)
    6. gogi wanja jeon (Korean style meat ball pancake)

    thank you very much!

  17. Hi Maangchi!

    Recently, I've been so into Korean Cooking and went out to get some basic Korean ingredients.

    Just wonder, would you be able to provide recipe for Baek Kimchi?? (Which poeple called them White kimchi....less spicy and much milder)

    I had it once before at a Korean's was very memorable......

    Hope you can help me..
    Many Thanks


  18. KaReN,
    sure, baek kimchi (white kimchi: non-spicy cabbage kimchi) is already included in the list of my upcoming video recipes.
    Thank you very much!

  19. My dakbokkeumtang (dakdoritang) recipe is online now! Thank you very much for your request! I just posted my dakbokkeumtang (or dakdoritang) recipe video!

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