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  1. Hello! I'm new and I have been browsing through the recipe area. I notice there is no recipe in teaching how to make a femented squid side dish call "Ojinguh Jeot" (If I'm not wrong). It's really nice to eat! I would like to learn how to make it.


  2. yes, ojinguh jeot (salty fermented squid) recipe will be posted in the future, thank you!

  3. I was wondering what kinds of radish kimchi there are. I was wanting to make one that is in a red sauce and the is crunchy when you eat it. The one I ate was about 3 cm long. It was very delicious.

  4. I would love it you could show how to cook 닭갈비.. Been living in Seoul for a while now, and soon going back to my home country for some months, I would love to cook 닭갈비 to my family because its my all time favourite food..So delicious!

  5. fermented squid(ojingeojeot) recipe is posted now. Thanks for your patience!

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