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“Rolled-Up Egg from Korean Drama 'Boys before Flowers'”

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  • started 4 years ago by JennLee
  1. Hi Maangchi! I'm sure this is a simple recipe, but it would be fantastic to learn how to make the rolled up egg that Geum Jan Di always makes in her lunch boxes! To further that request, even a cute little Korean 'bento-type' lunch box would be awesome! Thank you!!!

  2. If its gye ran mal yee she already posted it, hope this is it!!

  3. You are correct Brian! Thanks for the link! I still haven't explored the site in its entirety : )

  4. Btw, in BOF they added a sheet of Gim (sushi seaweed) before rolling it up so there's a "black spiral" throughout the kyeran mali :) Hope this makes your kyeran mali pretty!

  5. I love the little bento boxes she made for him! I wonder how she made the rice balls look so cute.

  6. Thanks Junchan for the tip. I did remember the black spiral.

  7. Eep! JennLee I am trying to reach you via private message re: Boys Before Flowers - any chance you can email me? dhl211 at nyu dot edu.

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