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“seafood in kimchi?”

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  1. Hello!

    I know Maangchi has put different kinds of seafood in her kimchi over the years (raw oysters and squid come to mind), but what other kinds of seafood can you add? I've heard things about shrimp and jeotgal, but can anyone be more specific about names and amounts? I'd like very much to add seafood to my kimchi but I'm quite limited in what is available most of the time and don't know correct names the rest of the time.

    All help is much appreciated!

    <3 Kerri

  2. I've been eating kimchi all my life and the only seafood I've ever seen in kimchi are raw oysters and raw squid. Of course, we often put in a very salty shrimp paste called saewoo jeot, but I wouldn't consider that "seafood" per se. You only need a tablespoon or so for 1-2 heads of napa.

  3. Salted Anchovies, Octopus, Pickled Oysters (Origuljot), Pickled Corbina (Choijot) are also traditional

    My wife tells me that on the Korean shows they use Tuna Sauce and Bonito flakes.

    There are also seafood kimchies. Dried Pollack Kimchi, Octopus Kimchi, Squid and Radish Kimchi, Whole Stuffed Cod Kimchi and Stuffed Crab Kimchi.

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