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“Sesame oil”

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  • started 1 year ago by Ni_azevedo
  1. It's really hard to find sesame oil in the supermarkets in my country but I saw a Sesame and sweet soy sauce. Is it okay to use it like sesame oil? It contains it

  2. I think its different. Pure sesame oil has this distinct smell and strong flavor that I don't think can be recreated by a [soy sauce] that is [flavored with sesame].

    I can't quite explain it here - but you'll know it when you incorporate it in your meals. Which recipe do you need it for? If a recipe calls for it, then I guess we can ask Maangchi (or our other fellow readers) for a good alternative just for that specific recipe - I suggest you search high and low for a korean store that sells it -- I always have sesame oil in our kitchen because I super love the flavor. I always pour it on top of my kimchi and almost everything I eat :)) - Maangchi has turned me into a Korean food fan :))

  3. There are 2 types of sesame oil: roasted (or toasted) sesame oil or raw sesame oil. Roasted sesame oil has nutty flavor, so it's used in Korean cuisine.

  4. Ni_azevedo,

    Perhaps you can order it online and have it shipped. It lasts a long time and doesn't need refrigeration.

    I found two online shops that appear to ship to Portugal:

    The above links are for product info as well as international shipping info.

    Good luck,

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