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“Shakira with Korean drummers on Saturday Night Live”

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  • started 4 years ago by Maangchi
  1. I happened to catch part of Saturday Night Live last night and was surprised that when Shakira performed, she had a samgomu backup behind her

    Unfortunately these drumming ladies were little more than a nice backdrop for Shakira's hip thrusting. To my ears, the song was totally boring, I kept waiting for the drums to kick in, but the best I got was Shakira going back there to play the drums herself.

    Anyway here's what samgomu is really like:

    It's loud and beautiful and certainly shouldn't be in the background!


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  2. OMG! Thank you very much for posting this!
    btw, samgomu means 3 drums dance. Cool!

  3. I saw that performance while watching Dancing with the Stars last tuesday. I too wasn't too happy about her song. It seemed boring. But I was thrown back when I realized those were korean drumers behind her. Odd clash but I really hoped they would actually...SHOW something... but it was just a beat. Still pretty though!

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