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  1. I don't know what it's called in Korean but it's similar to the shredded squid recipe you have, I think. They have it at the Korean restaurant in NYC. It's a side dish and it's red and it's a little spicy but not really. It has like a crunchy kind of texture. Like the ggahk doogi texture. I can't seem to find the picture. :( Do you know which side dish I'm talking about? I would love to make it. My husband loves it!

  2. do u know if it is a veggie or made of squid?

  3. It's definitely not squid. I'm not sure if it's a veggie =\

  4. I have a feeling that it is 무말랭이 무침 or 도라지 무침.. what do you think Maangchi?

  5. Do you think you can post pictures of both? I'll know what it is once I see it.

  6. 도라지 무침


  7. They both look the same. lol But yes, it is exactly one of those side dishes. It's making my mouth watery. haha What is the difference in both of them?

  8. Hmm...I THINK it's the first one.

  9. One is made of bellflower roots, the second made of radishes which have been squeezed of most of its juice so its extra crunchy. The 2nd one has a very ultra crunchy texture while the first one is just chewy, not exactly "crunchy" id say..

  10. Ok I remember the side dish was crunchy and also chewy but not crunchy like a pickle

  11. I would love a youtube video of how to make 도라지 무침 =)


    Here is the recipe! good luck! <3

  13. My dorajimuchim recipe is online now. Thank you for your patience!

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