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  1. I lived in Arizona for four years. That was when I was first introduced to Korean cuisine via a friend. When we'd eat Korean food- usually when we ate out at this rather amazing restaurant our food would come with side dishes.

    I guess, mine isn't a specific request for a recipe but I was wondering if you could go over some of the side dishes you'd find with Korean meals.

    I know we had things like- and I apologize if I misspell any of these names... meh dhal chi, kimchi, mul kimchi, oi kimchi, oh dang...
    And I was able to find what some of those things are- and if I'm not mistaken they are anchovies, cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, radish kimchi, water sprouts, spinach...

    But I also remembered these err potatoes and like soy bean sprouts ... and others I don't know the names to.

    But basically, I just would like to know them so when I can get to a Asian market I know what to look for.

    Please and thank you!

  2. Here are Maangchi's recipes for side dishes.

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