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“so many plates & small bowls”

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  • started 4 years ago by suzan
  1. hi
    i watch lot of korean dramas in that they show lots & lots of side dishes served in small plates or bowls. do you really serve your family every meal like that in real life. if so what about cleaning dishes 3 times daily. how about if you are working mom. i'm realy curious.can you tell me secret.


  2. well... most people i know use a two storage system.
    a big container and a smaller, but still kinda big tupperware. who uses plates and bowles for sidedishes anymore except when you have guests?
    so we use those for a couple of days and don't wash them daily.
    anyway... most people have a dishwasher, so there you go.

  3. thank you kumaxx.

  4. LoL. Funny you should mention this b/c I tried to get deep into Korean food culture by ordering all of these pretty little side dish bowls, and I do use them sometimes but not often. Like Kumaxx said, it's a lot easier to just put the banchan into little class containers with lids refill them from the larger jars periodically. The little white dishes aren't that hard to clean, but I admit that it gets annoying...not only the washing but how much to dole out, what to do if there's banchan leftover...if your guests think you're nasty b/c you really don't want to waste it and would like to put it back with the others (the ultimate double dipping nightmare...;) Or just have dozens of little Saran wrapped bowls crammed into your fridge.

    A lot of Asian stores now sell little covered containers (some with just heavy stone lids while others are more tupperware-y with seals and such) just for this occasion.

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