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    Hi Maangchi

    i’ve been making tons and tons of ddukbokki and kimchi fried rice and thought it time to move on a bit. So i went to a Korean shop and bought lots of weird stuff. Most i can identify and match with one or more of your video’s, however i have two that leave me stumped!

    The first is this tub with thinly sliced radish (picture attached). and now I somewhat clueless on what to do with it? I don’t know how it’s called and can’t find recipes searching for ‘sliced radish’ (well, actually i find tons of recipes, but all for the yellow stuff).

    The picture on the tub tells me i’m supposed to wrap some vegetables in it, but that sounds a bit boring, right?

    The second one is maybe easier: it’s (dry) acorn jelly! You have several recipies, but they all call for acorn jelly powder. What i’ve bought isn’t powder, but little extruded “sticks”. 0.5 by 0.5 cm and 5 cm long and all warped. Do i have to make powder myself or will this stuff simply dissolve in water? (and how much water?)

    Anyway, thanks for this awesome site :)

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