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    I am a long time follower of your YouTube channel. I wanted to request if you could make video talking about

    1) How long to keep Korean food dishes?

    2) How long to keep food ingredients? Like, I just bought a container of Red Pepper Paste. I know to refrigerate after I open it, but how long will it keep? Can you take about common ingredients and how long we can keep them?

    3) Could you get a close up of how to prepare dried achovy for stock? It seems simple, but I feel unsure how to do it.

    Thank you! BTW, do you think you do a video about how to use Acorn Starch? I saw this at the Korean grocery that I finally have found in my local area. I am curious as to how it is used? Can you make Acorn Jelly?

    I know your busy, but I hope you might address one or more of these questions in the future. :)

    Thanks! I think you are awesome!!!!!!!



    Here is an older thread on Acorn Jelly

    You may also see Mung Bean Jelly for some good ideas on that:

    I love the small molded shapes!



    acorn jelly… YUCK!!!

    1) as long as it tastes and smells good.

    2) pastes… they keep as long as they taste and smell good. and since they are all pasteurized and most bacterias are being killed off, you can keep those forever. i just used a container of doenjjang i found in my fridge. it must have been there for several years because my market didnt have this kind of doenjang for years in stock now.

    3) anchovies stock.. just throw a couple of anchovies in a pot with salted water and let it cook for several minutes. how to clean anchovies? take the head off and gut them with your fingernail… as nike says… just do it. its not like anchovies are rare.



    kumaxx, I am not sure how you feel about acorn jelly! LOL



    i still remember when i was but a small kid, i loved green jelly. and there it was… a big bowl of green jelly, all shiny and wonderful, just for me. as the youngest, i always had to fight for my treats but this time, i was the first to discover it and i wasn’t gonna share with nobody.

    but alas… i should have known that it was just to good to be true. no way, i could discover such treasure before my siblings. there had to be a reason, no one touched it!

    as i scooped up a big spoon of this green delight, i was expecting an explosion of sweet sugary sourness. but it was just then, when all my hopes betrayed me, when i discovered, it was acorn jelly!!!

    what a cruel fate for a young boy to have his sweet childhood dreams of green jelly crushed. henceforth, i became suspicious of all foods, never being able to just trust, but always smelling everything before tasting.

    this day, the world became a little bit more frightening when a young boy became a little bit less innocent…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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