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    I recently purchased a bag of dried things and the package is marked Golden Lion, Soup Stock. It contains what looks like dried mushrooms, some thin rice noodles, some black seaweed very thin, dried dates, and some other stuff. It looked so good and interesting that I bought this bag. NOW, what do I do with this? :-) Yes, I am a beginner with these Asian products. Please help? Thank you



    Here is a picture of the package that contains dried things I guess to make soup out of…..but I am not sure how to make the soup from this? Any ideas? There is no recipe or instructions on the package.

    Thanks for anyone's help…. :-)

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    Dried mushrooms and other vegetables can be used to make stock, but since there are rice noodles included as well, I would guess this is a meal kit of sorts. Use the dried ingredients to make stock and add rice noodles to make noodle soup. Of course you can also eat the vegetables if you want. :)

    If the vegetables are thin enough they will rehydrate nicely when you add them in to some boiling water. With mushrooms it is usually better to soak them in water for a couple of hours prior to cooking. The soaking liquid is very tasty, and you can add it to the stock – just strain it first because there may be some grit. Add salt and other seasonings to the broth according to your taste. The rice noodles should be cooked separately. Serve them in a bowl and pour the broth on them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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