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    Hello- my 14 month old was diagnosed with a soy allergy… Since he was 12 months I basically stopped cooking with kangjang & dwaenjang, even gochujang. I feel so bad for my Korean husband! I also feel bad for my 3 year old who loves Korean food; but I cannot risk my 2nd born’s health & possibly life just for food.

    What do allergic Koreans eat?? Is there some kind of recipe besides jajang pap (he’s also allergic to eggs- so that means no to most noodles… And no shellfish, dairy or nuts). I hate him not being able to have Korean Food! If there are any ideas- I would greatly appreciate it! 😃




    For his other allergies try vegan stores, Loving Hut for example is great, they have to no dairy, eggs, shellfish, etc. As for a replacement for soy and soy paste here are a couple of sites that maybe helpful. You might try this site

    It is for miso, but not made out of soy. Miso is basically bean paste anyway, so this should work.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh yeah, Loving Hut has a website and they deliver and have many stores. I am not sure where you live but there could be one nearby. They are where I get my ice cream made with coconut milk.




    Thank you so much for that link! We do shop at a variety of stores; Whole Foods & Trader Joes are some of the places. I will have to get some Of this misoto try! ;)



    Dangmyeon and somyeon, two types of commonly used Korean noodles, do not contain egg or soy.

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