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“Spicy Oyster Mushroom Dish you made in Sydney Meet-Up”

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  • started 2 years ago by Rashmi
  1. Dear Maangchi,
    Hope you are keeping fine. My name is Rashmi and I am one of your vegetarian fans. We met at Gapshida Sydney. Can you please put the recipe or make a video on the Spicy Mushroom dish you made with Oyster mushrooms (with Gochujang and Chilli flakes) for the Sydney Meet-Up. I tried to make it with Oyster mushroom. It is not bad but your one was much better.
    Also when you have time, if you can post few recipes of Korean Temple Cuisine it will be appreciated by all vegetarians, vegans and Buddhists etc.
    Thank you very much and All The Best.
    -Rashmi & Presanthi

  2. Rashmi and Presanthi!
    omg, I'm very happy to hear from you! I still remember your delicious juicy kimchi. And I was very impressed by your modification of my recipes to fit your vegetarian taste.

    Sure I will keep your request in mind! For everybody else, here is my blog post my trip to Sydney and you will see Rashmi and his wife Presanthi!

  3. Thank you very much for the prompt reply Maangchi. We are patiently waiting here in Sydney for your Spicy mushroom recipe and Korean Temple Cuisine recipes.

    It was a privilege to meet with you in Sydney. You are such a nice person. You help thousands of people to cook delicious Korean dishes in few easy steps. Your videos are very lively and not boring at all to watch. For all the hard work, you do not ask for donations etc. and even your cook books are free to download.

    Keep up the good work and All the Best.
    -Rashmi & Presanthi

  4. Hi Rashmi
    Check out the recipe here!

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